Source type is -1 in Import Export wizard

I am trying to import/export data from one database in a server to a new table in a different database, using SQL Server import and Export Wizard. (SQL Server Management Studio 2008)
I choose "Write a query to specify data transfer" option.
While Importing/Exporting the Data type of source coulmn chnaged from Time to -1 and the type mismatch error occurs.

If i choose "Copy From data one or more Tables Or Views" table copies successfully without an error and the data type remains unchanged.
How to solve the error with choosing "Write a query to specify data transfer" option?

What data type is val3 in source table?

Source table column Val3 datatype is time(0).

And what database product is the source? Microsoft SQL, mysql, poatgres

Microsoft SQL

What is the query you are trying to run? SQL Server cannot determine the columns data type based on the data in that column.

Select * from Table_1

Okay - what is the definition of Table_1? Is this actually a view?

post here the DDL of Table_1

Create table Table_1 (
--here list the columns