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This is for T-SQL syntax. For example the horrible 20 table SELECT statements, Common Table Expressions, CROSS-APPLY, OUTPUT clause, etc.

SQL Server Administration

This is for administering SQL Server. For example backups, security, performance, etc. Please note we also have specific categories for certain topics like replication, mirroring and such.


This includes building and running SQL Server Reporting Services reports, designing and implementing cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services, and Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW).

Other Tech Topics

This includes non-SQL Server databases, applications, etc.

SSIS and Import/Export

This includes SSIS, BULK INSERT, the .NET bulk insert API, etc.

Other SQL Server Topics

This is for any SQL Server related topic that doesn't fit into one of the other categories. For now, this includes database design, application architecture, any scripts you'd like to post, or the Express Edition of SQL Server.

High Availability

This for for database mirroring, Availability Groups, clustering, log shipping, or any third-party high availability solution.


This category is for discussion of the ClearTrace application.

Blog Comments

This category is to allow comments on blogs hosted on SQLTeam.com


This for replication topics related to transaction, merge or any other flavor of SQL Server Replication.

The Yak Corral

The dreaded social forum. Non-technical discussions, or chatting about the site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Site Discussion

This is for discussion on how we use the site.

Is It SQL App

This category is for discussion and support for the "Is It SQL" application. You can find more information at http://www.scalesql.com/isitsql/.