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Sort Descending Doesn't Seem to Work on SSRS Report



Hi! I'm trying to create a report that shows the total registrations by weeks before a conference. Any registrations that happen after the conference date should be listed as "Post-Conference." The formula is: =IIf(Fields!WeeksOut.Value>0,Fields!WeeksOut.Value,"Post-Conference")

When I preview the report in BIDS, it looks right. However, when I upload the RDL file into CRM, it displays "Post-Conference" multiple times:

Any idea how to fix this?

Kate (SSRS Newbie)


What is the data source for the report on the right and the report on the left. are the data source the same stored procedure, embedded TSQL etc? And are they hitting the same back end, (same server same database)?


Same data source, I think. From CRM, I downloaded the rdl file, edited it in BIDS, then uploaded.


Are you sure because if you do a comparison of the data row by row many of them look distinctly different


I'm not sure. Maybe that's where the issue is? I can't imagine why it would give me different results.The numbers on the right are correct though.

It's been showing odd things in the Preview since I started editing it. (For example, it only shows 2016 and 2013 but the actual query is set to pull 2007-2016.)


Your BIDS connection strings might be pointing to a pre prod environment. Whereas SSRS reporting server's DataSource connection string might be pointing to a production server. When you depoy you are deploying just the rdl.
Tread carefully and read up some more. great resources online.


Will do, thanks. Any other ideas about why the "Post-Conference" result doesn't seem to group in the actual report? Since the error appears on the correct report, it seems unrelated to the connection issue. The connection issue just impacts my ability to preview the issue without having to publish it.

Thanks in advance,


you posted 2 reports for comparison so we had to tackle the discrepancy first because that could have been the source of your issue. we still don't know if that is the source of the issue or not.

but to your question:
can you provide the query the builds this report? there might be a grouping issue in your query that populates this report. or is it being fed directly from a table. if so how that table being populated etc


How do I do that? Should I just go to View Code and copy/paste? It's pretty long.