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Need Help having trouble on normalizing the table. Could you please check it?

Hi ! I'm new to sql currently using server 2008 R2 and I was hoping that you guys can check if the tables are normalized because I always had the assumption that my work has its flaws or I'm just being paranoid.

If the tables are not normalized please tell which one and why is it wrong thanks much appreciated :slight_smile:
So far it these are the tables that I got in 3NF.

If "the table" is not normalized. Which one, I see several "the tables"?

How normalized do you want? Standard bcnf, 3nf or what?

Normalization is a step-by-step process. Which steps have you gone thru so far?

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oops sorry got mixed up I meant all of the tables.
It is currently in 3NF and as much as possible if it can reach bcnf

Overall looks good. Pretty bare-bones structures.

The only thing to consider might be OrderProduct table. If more than one Supplier provides quantities for the same PO, will you enter a separate row for every Supplier in that table? If so, you may be OK. If not, then SupplierCode needs moved to a separate table.

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Hi sorry for the late reply thanks btw and I think no about the suppliers on a same PO but will note that in case.
3 more big tables to go, could I just reply you here and not to post another thread?

Sounds fine to me. Not much traffic here, I expect most of the regulars read all threads that get new posts, so won't dismiss your additional material as "Not my thread"!!

Multiple supplier addresses, per supplier?

Do you have Suppliers and Customers who are the same? (Not a common situation, granted). Solution to that can be to have an "Companies" table, and then the Supplier and Customer tables just have a link to the Companies table (and possibly the Address is a sub-table off that, if you want many-addresses per Company).

Not a normalisation issue, (and maybe you have this and are just not showing the additional columns in your snapshot) but I think you will need a UnitPrice (or TotalPrice) on the OrderProduct table - to indicate what price was paid, to that Supplier, for that product on that day.

Do you break-bulk? If so you may need some help with both units and prices - e.g. on products where you can buy in a Pallet, or a Carton, or a Single Item and sell it in any of those units (including breaking a Pallet to Cartons or Single items or, indeed, remaking a Pallet from all the single units that have accumulated on the warehouse floor over the years!)

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sorry for the late reply and thanks btw will note it
I think no from the large tables given there are fixed addresses for suppliers and yes I was I removed the TotalPrice because it can be derived from the given so it is okay not to include it on normalization am I right?

Uhm I don't think that we need to include about break-bulks but thanks for reminding.

And these are the other 3 that I've worked on I rushed it so I can post it here for checking, It is same of the PurchaseOrder that is in 3NF.

This is from a large table Dispatch Note:

This is from a large table MaterialReceived:


Lastly, This is from a large table Return Note: