I know this has probably been answered somewhere

so I know this has probably been answered somewhere but I couldn't seem to make this happen in my post yesterday. How do you format the SQL code you post in the new forums? I generated my create table script and example data using ConvertCSV site, formatted my results using Senseful site, and then pasted my attempt at the query plus all of the above into PoorSQL to format it. However when I pasted it back into these forums, it was all over the place in my post and the highlighting had gone. The response from the forum members was very fast as I had provided all the necessary info, but how do I format my future posts nicely for you guys to read more easily?

Your sql code here

First select your SQL code, then klick on the "</>"-icon (Preformatted text), or manually add 4 spaces in front of each line if you have the patience for it.
Also put an empty line right before your code or it won't show indented.

one space

two spaces

three spaces

four spaces

I'm new on this list too. This may not be the best way, but it works.


please see this