How to remove unused fields from source flat file connection manager?


I wrote an SSIS package that has a flat file as input. That file had 29 fields where 6 of them were ignored and not maped to a table column (i.e. the table has only the other 23 fields), because those fileds were too long and useless for the user.

A new requirement was to keep a backup of the flat files, so those 6 fields were also removed from the flat file to save about 60% of storage space.

Is there a way to update the flat file connection manager without having to declare datatypes and lengths for the remaining 23 fields again?


I think you can just go into Advanced and delete them. otoh you'd need to adjust the start columns of anything following deleted columns

Wow! That was easy. I didn't need to adjust anything in the following columns as the file is tab-delimited.

After the deletion, a warning appeared in the Flat File Source item of the Data Flow diagram, but it silently dissappeared after I opened it and closed it using OK button.

I had previously tried on the Advanced menu of every item in the Data Flow diagram, but I didn't noticed that there was an Advanced tab by editing that conection in the Connection Manager list. I just got stuck in the properties of it.

Thank you!