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How is remote debugging allowed on Microsoft SQL Management studio?

This is working with Sql Server version 2008 R2

Here are the other versions of software that might be helpful:

How is remote debugging allowed on Microsoft SQL Management studio?

This question might be misunderstood. I am not sitting at the computer where Microsoft SQL Managment studio resides and I am attempting to debug a remote database. That is not the issue I am having at all. Instead, I have remoted into a client's server by their request and also I am trying to debug an issue they are having. You see, this is how things are evolving in our world. More and more there are situations where a developer is working from home and has to remote into a client's system do get some work done.

When I open up their studio software on their side, if I try to debug or execute a command, I get this error message:

I want to be able to instruct them, on their side, what they need to do to make this problem go away. Please advise.

Is this a production server? And what are you trying to debug?

This is not a production server. And I am running SQL Server Management Studio to debug a stored procedure.

This link is of interest:


This link:

shows this:

So, I gather from this is that perhaps it is up to me to add to the Windows Firewall exception list:
"The Visual Studio program, Devenv.exe" and "TCP port 135" albeit I am not running Visual Studio. But I am assuming it can't hurt if I do this.

So, the question is: How do I do this?

I am not experienced with working with firewalls. I do not know how to add firewall exceptions. When I look for applicable system programs, a number of thems seem available. Can anyone guide me?


For Firewall settings and changes this forum might not be the appropriate forum and would not recommend at all poking holes in the firewall. What exactly are you trying to debug and why exactly are you trying to use such approach? What are you trying to solve?

Are there some sort of special settings that set a production server apart from a development server?

Generally speaking, production systems have stricter network security rules and dedicated support teams to ensure those rules are followed. Such that you may not be able to make the firewall changes by yourself, or you will at least have to notify someone that you're making them.