Help needed for the query

I have two tables : Runner table with the following columns

ID Name

1 Michael Johnson
2 Mike Powell
3 Roger Federer
4 Mike Phelps

Winner table with the following columns

EventID EventName RunnerID

1 Long Jump 2
2 400M 1
3 ShortPut NULL
4 Swimming 4

I have to frame a query such that the Runner table records which are not present in Winner table has to be returned (without using any subquery or NOT IN clause)

Sounds like you need NOT EXISTS then

Can I use EXCEPT for this? or Is NOT EXISTS the better option? Also, for using NOT EXISTS, we need to write a sub query .right?

I'd use left outer join with positive null

Can you please write the query for easy understanding?

Something like this:

  from runner as a
       left outer join winner as b
 where is null