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Delete orphan subscriptions from Replication Monitor



Hi There:

I would like to cleanup my SQL2008R2 replication monitor from two subscriptors that no longer exist. Both were of the merge push type. I've used SSMS to successfully delete the subscriptors from the publisher/distributor but their entries remain on Replication Monitor. The subscriber databases do not exist anymore. However, there are other merge subscribers to this publication so dropping and recreating the replication is not an option. Maybe some manual handling of some records on some tables can solve this. Any idea? Thank you!


Can't you right click and remove them?


Thanks for your interest and your time on replying.

SQL2008R2 Replication Monitor (sqlmonitor.exe) does not offer such an option to right click and delete/remove any subscription from the Subscription Watch List. Have you seen it? I do not find it!

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