Data synchronize in Both Side

First time I am going to do replication of Head Office database with the branch offices. A application will be running in all branches including Head Office. Branches are in remote locations and connected through DYNDNS with firewall protection. database INSERt, UPDATE, DELETE queries will be coming from all locations. Please suggest the best replication method for this criteria.

If its a snapshot replication,it says that "the Publisher sends a snapshot of the published data to Subscribers at scheduled intervals". My question is, If a table, for eg., tblItemMaster, an Item name is updated from a branch, which is a subscriber, will it be reflected in all locations?

Please advise

Thanks in advance

As far as i understand merge replication should work for your needs.

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Thanks.. but Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition can only subscribe to merge publications right?

Don't use Compact Edition.