Chinese character support in 2008R2 / XP

I work for a restaurant chain that has a number of sales terminals running on Windows POS Ready 2009 - basically a cut down version of Windows XP SP3. I'm trying to roll out a new software package across our terminals, which makes use of SQL Server Express 2008 R2 as the backend.

I'm currently trying to import some chinese characters into the database from a UTF8 csv file, via openrowset. However SSMS keeps failing to display the characters (they appear as ñµÇÑÇÊýÂëÓ°ÏñÖÆ).

When I open up the csv file in Notepad the characters display correctly, so the language support is there - what could I be missing?

The database collation is in Chinese_Taiwan_Stroke_CI_AS, East Asian Language support is installed in Windows, and the system locale is set to China (Taiwan).

Is the data type of the column where this data is being stored nvarchar? SSMS won't display the characters properly regardless, but having the right data type is the first step. If the right data type is in place, you can use a different application to read the data.