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Category Picklist and TAG List



Just a thought:

I presume same on all browser,s but my Category Picklist is quite "narrow" and several names truncated and maybe not obvious as a result, so I wonder if worth setting the Categories to short names that fit?

all categories
Site Discussion
The Yak Corral
High Availability
Other SQL Ser...
SQL Server Ad...
SSIS and Impor...

and also moving the less likely-to-be-used ones to the bottom of the list? e.g.

High Availability
Other SQL Ser...
Site Discussion
The Yak Corral

e.g. Suggested short names:
SQL Server Ad... = SQL Admin
SSIS and Impor... - SSIS/Import

There is a mouse-over tool-tip, but I think would be nice if the picklist name was not truncated

Other possible candidates (based on old forum):

Data Corruption
Script Library (not well used though??)
New to SQL (perhaps put at top of the list?)
Database Design / Application Architecture

Back in old versions we had sub-forums for Express Edition, and even MSDE - remember that??!! Perhaps that might be a TAG?

What do you think about setting up (and policing, I suppose, going forwards) Tags?

Do you envisage tags for:

SQL6.5, SQL7, SQL2000, SQL2005, SQL2008, SQL2008R2, SQL2012, SQL2014

so that users could indicate which version they are using? Would anyone bother?? (At least if you/someone pre-creates the TAGs they will be in the picklist for users to choose from). I suppose all the SQL2xxx ones will sort before SQL6.5 etc. so that should be OK (help people to easily find the right one)

Script Library category

Right now tags can only be created by creating a post. So it's challenging to get a pre-populated list. As we get questions, we can update the tags appropriately.

The categories are sorted by the number of posts in them. Right now, the Site Discussion seems to be popular :smile:


I've edited this thread to add MAX tags I can, I'll create a few other threads to seed the TAGs. Presume you can edit the TAGs if you would prefer different spelling / hyphenation etc.


Can you make choosing Category compulsory (on New posts)? (Otherwise I doubt folk will bother??)

Although it looks like the picklist, on Create New Post, comes up in popularity order too. Not sure if that will turn out to be ideal for New Posts ... we'll find out soon :slight_smile: )


I don't believe I can make it required. I'll look into it.