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At what point will I start encountering performance issues MS SQL 2005

Good Day.
I have SQL Server 2005 Standard setup on Windows XP 32 bit with 4 GB RAM.

The current database (_DATA) file size is about 17 GB.

At what point will I arrive at the limit of that 4 GB and start experiencing significant performance issues?

There is no way for us to know without knowing how much activity is occurring or expected to occur on your database.

I can say that you're running on completely outdated Windows and database versions, neither of them have been supported by Microsoft for many years. Windows XP is also not a production operating system, so if you expect to have more than 2-3 users access this database, you will probably have performance issues immediately. 4 GB of RAM is also barely enough to support a SQL Server instance.

Unless and until you upgrade your OS and SQL Server to supported versions, and increase the RAM, there's not much advice I can give.

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