Working Day

I'm trying to calculate the current date is working day and if its the 7th working day
also like to see last day of the month(EOMonth) if its working day (Mon-Friday)

[    SELECT 
    DATENAME(DW,GETdate()) AS Day
   ,DATEPART(WEEKDAY, GETdate()) WeekDay
   , DAY(GETdate()) AS DayOfMonth
   ,GETdate()  AS date
     ,EOMONTH(GETdate()) As EndOfMonth
   --CASE WHEN DATEPART(WEEKDAY, GETdate()) NOT IN ( 6, 7 ) and 
	      WHEN (DATEPART(WEEKDAY, GETdate()) between '1' and '5')  and  DAY(GETdate())  = 7 Then 
	END As If_Wk_Value
   ,CASE WHEN DAY(GETdate()) =  13   Then 'True' Else 'False' END As If_Month_Value


Many thanks

what is @@DATEFIRST in your neck of the woods?