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Windows Authentication Issues - SSRS 2012



I have a Report server set up with 3 instances of SSRS and SQL, for DEV\Test\Prod

We are trying, and failing to get the Reports & Reports Manager set up to accept Windows authentication.

We have altered the Config files as specified, Set up the SPNs as specified, and when we access the URL, it is just Nothing. It was requesting our login in and if we were on the same server it was letting us in.

But now after we went through the Trouble shooting process it appears worse. We are now receiving the Blank screen on the Server and from our desktops.

I am at a loss, I think we tried too much,

Any suggestions.


I have run into this problem in the past - but that was couple of years ago, so my memory is vague. My recollection is that it was UAC that was causing the problem. On the Server, run IE as Administrator and see if you are able to see the pages. Also, this posting might be of some use (even though it is from a few years back and is for an older version of SSRS)