Why Am I unable to request Forgotten Password?


Not sure where to ask this question.

Please direct me to the proper forum if not here.

For the past month, I was unable to remember my password.

I requested password reset several times and each time, I get a message to check my mail but nothing comes to my mail.

I have checked everywhere including spam box but nothing comes through.

Am I doing something wrong?

FINALLY, this morning, I played around with several passwords till I got the correct combination and was able to log in.

I don't know if anyone else has this issue.


Password to what?

Password to this forum.

As you know, you always have to log in to get to this forum and if you don't do this regularly, you forget your password.

Usually, only saving grace is request password reset.

That's where I have had issues.

You probably have the wrong email configured. Go to preferences and see if you might be using wrong email address or it's going to your work email etc

Your statement is only true if the email alert I get when my question is answered like this answer, is wrong.

In other words, anytime, I post a question and someone like you responds, I get an email alerting me that someone has responded to my question.

Is it possible that there is a separate email just for password reset?

I don't think so but to be sure, I will check out what you asked me to do and if for some strange reason the email there is different. I will let you know.

By the way, how do you get to preferences?

Click on your profile icon then click your user name and you will see it there

Thank you.

I just checked and it is the correct email, same as the one that sends me alert when my questions are answered.

Same email that sends me monthly SQLTeam monthly summary of all the threads of the mont.

So, it remains a mystery what is going on.

I see four bounced emails on September 12 and 13 to an old email address. I don't see any password reset email sent to you after that. If you'd like to investigate further, I can contact you directly to look at the specific email addresses.

Thanks graz,

It will be interesting to know how my emails got bounced.