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Why am I being forced to learn PowerShell?

I spent an annoying afternoon with SQL Server 2008 today. When we installed it on our cluster it created a job called “syspolicy_purge_history”. I assume it does this in most installations but I haven’t checked.

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I hear you! PoSH is the new hotness. Doesn't make it better or more suitable, though. Personally, I wish MS had kept IronPython and written Python modules for the functions covered by PoSH scriptlets. Easier learning curve, even if you don't know Python!

For a steeper learning curve that pays big dividends in the end, go for F#. Succinct, type safe, no braces! (well almost, and not for control flows)

Still and all, why not just stored procs as you suggest? As I understand it, PoSH just uses SMO under the covers. Surely anything meaningful could be done in pure SQL.