While we are trying to create a cluster via powershell, We are getting error like "The Cluster service is not running. Make sure the services running on the all nodes in the cluster"

Hi Experts.

While we are trying to create a cluster via powershell, We are getting error like "The Cluster service is not running. Make sure the services running on the all nodes in the cluster"

function GrantFileSharePermissionToCluster($ShareName,$AccessRights,$targetMachine)
       Provide Access permissions to Cluster on FileShare Witness
	    The parameters required to provide access permission on file share witness is the Target Name, Share Name and AccessRights
    ./ConfigureCluster.ps1 GrantFileSharePermissionToCluster "AGShare" AccessRightObject "CYP09MG"     
      $ClusterName=Get-Cluster|Select Name	
      $cmiSession=New-CimSession -ComputerName $targetMachine
      Grant-SmbShareAccess -Name $ShareName -AccountName $accountName  -AccessRight $AccessRights -CimSession $cmiSession -WarningAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose -Force
        ResolutionActionLog "CLUSTER-ERROR-008" "Error in granting fileshare permission to cluster." "Please check the file share configurations in AlwaysON XML input."	
		throw $_.Exception

I have attached the PowerShell code. I have attached the screenshot as well. Experts please suggest some solution.

I am waiting for your reply.

You mention you're trying to create a cluster via PowerShell, but the script you posted is only for granting file share permission. Has the cluster been created, and have the nodes been added to it?

The error message seems pretty straightforward, have you confirmed that the Cluster service is running?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your response.

It's a big script. But we are getting an error in the particular function. That's why I posted that function.

Could I attach the full script ?

Expected should be like this screenshot attached. But I am getting there.

I am looking forward to hear from you

I don't think you need to post the entire script, it's probably better not to in case you have sensitive data in it (your screenshot shows computer names FYI, probably a good idea to sanitize names and IP addresses if you post in the future)

Since it shows that the cluster is online, my suspicion is that you're running the script from a machine that is not a node in the cluster. Can you confirm that? The Warning in your error message mentions that as well.

Next suggestion I have is to check the cluster error log and see if any issues came up.

And just to cut to the chase, if you're only trying to set up this one cluster for the time being, and the script isn't working, I suggest completing this part using the Cluster Manager GUI.


Thanks for your reply robert. Thanks for your idea to hide the computer name & other things. I can post here no problem. My concern is script is big. So it might give you confusion. If you are fine let me share it. Before that I want to explain to the other issues. I was trying to run the below comment. I am getting error like - start-clusternode the system cannot find the file specified. How can i fix this error. Please let me know.
Start-ClusterNode –Name "WS-CLUSTER1" -FixQuorum
When I was checking the cluster service. It was not running. When I am trying to enable the service. I am getting the below error. I have attached the screenshot. I guess its needs to be running. Could you please help me how to fix this. If we fix this 2 error. I guess script will work without any issue.

I am looking forward to hearning from you

Anyone could you please help me to fix this issue ??

What was the error in the System Event log?


Thank you for your reply.

I am getting the below error.

Event Properties - Event 81, FailoverClustering-Client
General Details
Friendly View O XML View

  • System
    Parameter 1
    LogExtendedErrorInformation (974): Extended RPC error information: ProcessID is 8892 System time is: 43626/473/21802 0:0:26112:1334 Generating component is 2 Status is 1753 Detection location is 501 Flags is 0 NumberOfParameters is 4 Unicode string: ncacn_ip_tcp Unicode string: OUMOODB3 Long val: -1182943054 Long val: 382312662

I have attached the system log screenshot as well. Please help me to fix this issue.



Any idea robert ?

I apologize for the delay, I'm traveling overseas for a speaking engagement and some vacation.

Unfortunately the error you posted isn't telling me any useful troubleshooting information. IIRC there is more than one Source option that covers Failover Clustering, if you find them on your system, be sure those sources are included. Screenshots of errors are not likely to be useful, and there's additional info below the scroll bar.

It may also be that the event log doesn't have all the details, and the cluster log might have more. I recommend John Morehouse's code for searching the cluster log:

After that, I'm afraid I won't be much help. I never did any hardcore cluster management, and whenever I troubleshot something it was never deeper than setting some permissions that the cluster service account needed. The error messages would be clear about that kind of problem, but it's been a while and I can't recall the exact wording.

If you're still stuck, you might consider reaching out to John, or the consultancy he works for:

They have several clustering experts working there.


Hi Robert,

I am sorry for annoying you when you are on vacation.

Still, you replied, It means a lot.

Thanks much for your response.

Sure, let me check with John.