Which server would you choose for best performance

I know the answer is likely "it depends" but in general which would be a better choice (costs are similar) for performance (Enterprise Edition)...

Instance Type: x1e.2xlarge
vCPUs: 8
Memory: 244 GB
Local storage: 1 x 240 SSD
Network: Up to 10 Gbps

Instance Type: i3.2xlarge
vCPUs: 8
Memory: 61 GB
Local Storage: 1 x 1900 NVMe SSD
Network: Up to 10 Gbps

It ultimately boils down to whether or not having an extra 183 GB of memory is better than having an extra 1.5 TB of NVEe SSD (10x faster than SSD) for tempdb.


More memory / RAM is better, 99+% of the time.

None of it will matter if you have performance challenged code.