Which AWS instance type to choose for Enterprise Edition

We are looking to migrate our 6 production Standard Edition SQL Servers to Enterprise Edition. The 6 servers are currently housed on i3.4xlarge instances which have the following specs...

16 vCPU
122 GB memory
2x 1.9 local SDD
10 Gbps network bandwidth

I'm proposing that we move to xle.4xlarge instance types to take advantage of having more memory (Enterprise Edition) but the trade-off is smaller local SSD files (which is where we house tempdb). These are the specs for the proposed instance...

16 vCPU
488 GB memory
1x 0.48 GB local SSD
10 Gbps network bandwidth

Should I be concerned about putting tempdb on one smaller local SSD or does the benefit of an extra 366 GB of memory outweigh that? Should I consider creating a RAM disk and putting tempdb on it? Are there any metrics I should look at to determine current tempdb stress or lack of memory stress to confirm the benefits of this change?


Phone AWS for advise. They very good at giving solutions.