Whether Sql Server Merge replication does not allow 246 columns

Hi all,

The Error coming is "The article cannot be created on table '[dbo].[AADM]' because it has more than 246 columns." Only whether Merge replication allows less than 246 columns. If it is more than 246 columns, what type of replication will work in bidirectional ?

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Transactional Replication can support up to 1024 columns. It can be bi-directional, but you'll need to design it so that collisions don't occur such as identity collisions. For identities, you can have serverA use negative identity values and serverB use positive identity values.


How it will be if i create a transactional replication between Database A and Database B and Another transaction replication between Database B and Database A. Will this scenario is possible ?

Yes that's possible. I wouldn't want to support it though. :wink:

I'd probably take a step back and split up that wide table into perhaps 3-4 tables. A table that wide is begging for some normalization.