Where do you go for comprehensive sql (and MySQL) projects online?

I spent 4 or 5 months learning SQL for MySQL in a class and then I went a year without really making any use of if and I feel like I’ve lost the knowledge. After I relearn some things, where can I go online to get projects with answers and getting step by step through the processes to get to the answer? I want to keep practicing and this is all supposed to be prep for a better job than my current one.


No need to relearn or Forget ... ( or Practice )

SQL is a static subject .. same things over and over again !!!

Take Notes ...See Notes and do ...... 1 year later or 10 years later also see NOTES .. recollect follow and do !!!

Example ..Recipe for cooking chicken..
Step 1 ) Boil Water
Step 2) Peel Chicken

Keep Track of What issues you are facing and how you resolved ..
Same issues will be there all the time .. Common Issues ..


if you want to become expert of experts !!

then google search .. TONS AND TONS of SQL issues and solutions

You can take notes of the DIFFERENT kinds .. important thing is all the different

You can put your notes on computer disk ... organize it ... and simple search ...

it will be the same things !! same things !!