What to look for when ssrs 2008 report jumps to another report

What controls link jumps to new url in ssrs 2008 report? I have looked at the actions property of the report, but I do not see anything. What could I look at in detail rows to see what causes the 'jump to' other report to occur? Can you tell me, point me to links and/or show pictures of what I need to look at?

Here is the following situation:

In an existing vb.net 2010 application, a reportviewer control is being used to display 6 ssrs 2008 reports. Between these reports, there are 'links' where a user can click on for each detailed row and a different report is displayed. Within each of these ssrs reports, I do not see the 'actions' being used to tell the report where to link to.

I do not believe the reports that are 'jumped to' (linked to) are subreports.

Most of these links work except for one. In one report called 'School letter' on of the links work. There is another link in the 'School Letter' that does not work. There is an error message saying, 'The permissions for a user are not authorized'. The user is the value obtained from the web.config file for ReportViewerUser.

Thus can you tell me what to look for so that I can try to determine what is causing the problem?

I did not follow all of your description, but usually the navigation to another report is accomplished by the Action property of the text box (or other object). If that is not the case in your situation I don't know how else it is being done. If you open up the RDL file using a text editor and examine it, you might get some pointers.

The url for report preview buildings as:

You should go this one it may be helpful to you to know how to add a link in report server https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159088(v=sql.100).aspx

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