What steps we need to follow after installation of named instance of sql server?

After successful installation of named instance of sql server, what steps we need to follow?
Eg : when we see the protocols dynamic port wil be assigned , we have to make it static otherwise app connectivity issues will come whenever it is restarted Like wise what we follow in real time ?

There are many things you should configure after a fresh install of SQL. Here are just sample that I listed in the blog: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/blogs/denniss-sql-blog-1/2016/03/01/installation-of-sql-server-part-2-post-installation/

As for dynamic port, you can set it to static, or you can leave it as well. As long as your app is connecting through instance name, it will automatically connects to the correct port. If you are running through Win firewall, it might be easier if you set it static. (I think you can always allow the SQL service in firewall, and the browser service, but I always set static so that I can have the control).

Hope this helps

To be honest, I recommend you hire a good consultant to set this up for you. There are a ton of different things that you need to setup and check for. The trouble is, that they vary depending on the hardware and there's just too much to post. Then, there's the subject that everyone forgets to tackle before they even think of standing up a box and that's what the DR plan for the box is. A good consultant will help there, as well.

Remember that you're playing with the company jewels here.

Thanks for the input dennisc and JeffModen.