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What permissions should I give to user to access only Agent Jobs and SPs?

Occasionally we have certain Agent jobs failing overnight. We are in US Eastern time zone.
We have a DBA we can use located in India to cover failures of the overnight jobs like backups and restores. I'd like to be able to give them just enough access to check jobs and modify and rerun any SPs/steps that may need doing if they see failures. That way we can avoid any delays that may happen in the mornings when jobs fail.
We can't allow them any access to PHI information though. No access to table data.
Can you please help me identify what permissions will be needed for them to do this?

From what you describe, you'd probably have to add them to SQLAgentOperatorRole in the msdb database. It wouldn't grant them SP EXECUTE permissions though, you'd have to add those explicitly to their user/login, or GRANT EXECUTE to the operator role.