What Permissions are Needed to Create Database Diagrams?

Hi there this is MSSQL 2014
Do you have to have the db_owner role to create a database diagram or can I simply grant certain permissions to the developer who wants to create diagrams? Thanks, John

it seems got a very detail answer here:


Thanks DennisC. I read that post. I think it would be a big hassle to do this without then having the db_owner role. Maybe someone else can suggest a better option. Thanks again, John

To create a databae diagram must set up by a member of the db_owner role. You need to be a Database Owner for Database Diagrams. Please move on this know the detailed how can we design the Database Diagrams. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms186345(SQL.90).aspx

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Thank you, Jason_clark.