What is the new forum software?

Just curious, what software is running the new forums? I wasn't paying attention to any announcements in the old snitz forum

It's called discourse. It's from a few of the folks that were behind stack overflow.

I'm liking it ... am just in the process of choosing the Forum software for a new (personal vanity!!) project and the one I have been looking at is Xenoforo (just in case any of you good folk reading this were needing suggestions ...)

My need is for non IT-Technical folk, and Xenoforo works like a conventional forum, only IMHO better. (Its a break-away group of developers from vBulletin). The Discourse software here has a close appearance to StackOverflow, which I think will be more familiar with techie users. Amazing how StackOverflow has overthrown conventional forums ... hats off to Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. I posted there when it started and enjoyed it, but I grew to dislike the lack of any Discussion methods as I never had any straightforward questions! but for Frequent Asked Questions, and Simple Answers to Straightforward Questions, it works well, and when I have one Mr Google nearly always takes me there as first port of call ... for somewhere to hang out when providing answers (both SQL and other subjects / forums that I frequent) my choice is based on the community users, and the slickness of the forum software (to maximise what I can give back to the community with the time I have available). SQLTeam wins on those counts of course (although it was very tedious with the old software, hats-off to Graz for modernising it :two_hearts: :two_hearts: (Sorry Graz, you'll have to get used to that unless you can add back the Beer icon ...)


Oh, I can't just say that "post must be at least 10 characters"

Yeah, that's editable. We'll see if it becomes an issue.

An alternative option to "thanks" is to just click the LIKE button. Dunno how people feel about that?

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Being a frequent Facebook user, I am liking the "like" option. :smirk:


Given the Hearts Icon perhaps we should call it "loving" rather than "liking"? then we could be different ... Would you say "Loving this" equally with "Liking this [quite a lot]" state-side?? Might be a Brit thing :slight_smile:

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So how does the new forum works ? :heart: = posts ?

btw, Kristen, congrats for being the most like-able person :beer: :beer: or if you prefer :cocktail: :cocktail:

Blimey ... Cake Icon for anniversary membership ... today only ... must be 2 years since the switch-over :slight_smile:

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I just noticed that too

Hey Congrat everyone on your anniversary. looks like we all got it?? :trophy:

Hmm, that's good to know.