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What is the duration interval listed in cleartrace?

Can someone one help me with the duration interval and average duration? When I look at the trace in sql profiler I know the duration from Microsoft - the Duration column in milliseconds by default, but when a trace is saved to either a file or a database table, the Duration column value is written in microseconds.
So on one line in cleartrace shows 17,786 as the duration and the same item is a duration in sql profiler is 3922 for duration.

The duration in MCS will be 1000 times the duration in MS. For example, a duration of 17,786 ms would be 17,786,nnn in msc.

Right so why don't the durations match from profiler and cleartrace?

IIRC there's a setting in Profiler to change how the times are displayed, milli- or micro-seconds. The default is probably milliseconds, but the trace data is actually in microseconds.

Can't remember what version that was added to Profiler, but I don't think before 2008.

Thank you!