What is help desk ticketing system?

A web-based customer support help desk ticketing tool that lets organization effectively manage customer tickets, their account contact information, service contracts to provide superior customer experience.
With a number of different helpdesk ticketing tools available in the market, getting confused is quite obvious. So, please help me to choose the best one that would best meet the business requirement.

I wish you good luck but your question is not appropriate for this forum.


one approach would be

write down what are the things you are looking for ..
example: i want to buy apple
what are the things that are important to me ..

  1. price
  2. quality
  3. how long i can store
    ok now these 3 things are important
  4. price
    1.a ... here the other things ... within price ..
    market place area
  5. qualtiy
    from china imported
  6. how long to store
    i want to store 3 weeks

now thinking about all these things
write down a list ...
from that all three where best ....
a b c
choose b .. becuase 1) 2 ) 3) are best

if you are interested in taking this further
please let me know

google search ,,,, how to choose best ... what is the process methodology
etc etc

hope it helps