What is clearorphanedsnapshots and why is it blocking my reports

Several of our reports just stopped working last week and we are unable to determine what is causing the problem. These reports run in just seconds when they work but sometimes they will run for up to 10 minutes before returning data. When using IE the reports sometimes run for over 10 minutes and then just return a blank screen. We have been unable to identify the cause but I did find an alert that this procedure: ClearOrphanedSnapshots is blocking processes on the Reports database. I've found a few references to it in other help articles but nothing actually helpful yet.

That sounds more of a vmware related issue. Is this a production database server and why would one be taking snapshots of it? Best to touch base with VMware admin if this is a virtual server or any other server involved with the report server

Turns out I guess it was more about which server in the cluster was handling reports and which was running the .NET web services. Seems our clustered instance had failed-over and so the website was running on the same server as ReportingServices. Once we moved it back to the other server everything started working.
Not sure how good our system is if it breaks the reports every time there is a failover.

Which website? Why is a website and ssra running on same server?