Website Discount Prices


Im not sure if what im asking is possible or not but if it is i cant work it out.

I have a volusion website and have made a custom category which basically displays products with less than 6 pieces left and was ordered more than 60 days ago

Convert(date, p.DisplayBeginDate) <= Convert(date, getDate() - 60)
AND p.stockstatus BETWEEN 1 AND 6

what i want to achieve is to give everything in here a 10% discount normally on a volusion website with the admin dashbaord you can just go into a discount section and give certain categories a discount. however as this only displays the items in the category and doesnt give them the category id that is not the case for these.

so im hoping there is another line i can add to this which will add a discount.again i dont know if possible and am leaning towards it not being without adding custom sql to another side of the website but thought id give it an ask.