VS2019 - SSIS Package Designer Pane Font Too Small To Read

I wonder if anyone can help here. I have just started using SSIS in Visual Studio 2019, this is on a Windows 2022 server machine, which I access through RDP. In VS2019 when I open an SSIS package, the font on the Design window is miniscule, even if I adjust the zoom to max or to fit. The font showing the connection managers is so small it is unreadable. I have tried adjusting the font sizes for the Environment and Business Intelligence Designers in Tools > Options > Environment to a larger font, but this has made no difference.

Does anyone know how to change the font settings on this window? I've attached a screenshot - the Designer pane is zoomed to the max and it's still so small I can't read some of the text. And when I go into a package step say for a Execute SQL step, the box and code are also miniscule, even if I have zoomed out to the max on the Package Designer oane.

Many thanks

You can try below answer as it worked for me:

windows 8 - Text too small when using Remote Desktop from a very high resolution client - Super User

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.