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Voice Recognition Coding?


Don't suppose anyone has attempted to write SQL using voice recognition software?

All my column names are obvious to me, English-style names, but with various prefixes and underscores that mean you can't just say "Client Number" although, to me, that's exactly what CLI_No in the AC_Client table is ...

I do have a Meta Table of "Descriptive names for Tables and Columns" (and, indeed, that information could easily be recorded the extended properties for Tables / Properties

Just curious if anyone uses such a thing for coding.


Stumbled over this. They've invented their own "programmers language" which covers things like writing a camelCaseVariableName or an underscore_linked_name, along with "Create a function called THIS with parameters THAT and THEOTHER", in a way that is pretty fast to "say-type". No idea if I would warm to the nerdy language, but as they point out they would like to create a new, universal, language for such things, rather than something offbeat.

For anyone with RSI or something else that prevents typing, let alone someone who would like to code faster / without typos (maybe Intelli-sense achieves that too?) this may be an option

His "Mouse" is pretty cool too - an IR beam that picks up a "tag" on his baseball hat that lets him move the cursor around more swiftly than I can do with my hand