Vlookup & SQL

Hi all,
Im new to this forum and new to SQL query/ statements.

I import Table_A from sql server to excel (2007) in sheet1.
Table_A columns are ( BoxNo, BoxType, BoxStatus) and imported in sheet 1 as it is.
Then I use Vlookup formula in B2 cell in sheet 2 to find the BoxStatus
1 BoxNo, BoxType, BoxStatus
2 11 AA Done
3 12 BB Not DONE
4 13 AA Continue
5 14 DD Done
6 15 BB Continue

VLOOKUP( A1,A2:C6,3,0) (( A1 cell in sheet 2 is box no)) ,
If in cell A1 the Box No is 14 , I get the result “DONE”.
What I want .
I do not want to use VLOOKUP and to import whole Table_A from sql server in sheet 1.
I want to use SQL query to find the status of BOX No automatically from sql server Table_A.

Million Thanks

Is sheet 2 also a table?

Thanks for your reply.

Sheet 2 is not a table, Sheet 2 is a spread sheet in excel (2007) where I want result.