Vlookup against SQL database

I normally vlookup my data against a table (database) in another workbook. (Excel to Excel --that's normally everyone does).
Since my table (database) grows more than 1.4 million rows therefore I need to transfer it to SQL Table in MS SQL Database.
I cannot move regular excel files which needs Vlookup into SQL.
How do I vlookup excel against SQL tables.
I am ready to use VBA OR TSQL to fulfill my requirement.
Need an optimal solution.

load your excel data into sql and then left join your table to do your lookup

I have more than 200 files every day.
Exporting and Importing from SQL is not very optimal solution.
Lets assume its optimal, how quickly It can be possible without user interference.
Can you be more specific with your idea.

If you are having to load that many files then I think you should be looking at setting up an agent job that runs an SSIS package.

The SSIS package can be set to loop through all the files and systematically load them into the database.

Using the agent job will allow you to set up the task to run on any schedule you want.