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Visual Studio 2 queries no results

Creating a report in Visual Studio. It has 2 queries. First query is an insert statement using report parameters. The second is a select of the table I just inserted records into. The second returns 0 results. If I rerun the report (Which then inserts another set of records) the second query does show the first set of records. Is there a way to refresh before the select? If I run the insert thru SSMS I do get a message saying (x_number rows affected). Can Something like that be displayed in Visual Studio?

Q:Is there a way to refresh before the select?
Q:Is there a way to display number of rows inserted in Visual Studio?

what kind of report are you creating in visual studio. why are you inserting data from within reports?

Because of limits on the front end system. Specified users need to insert items in a table. It may not be the most ideal way but it's a way that will work and I know to do it. They already are in the reporting system for other things. If they mess up it is an easy fix from the front end.