Version Control Software

What software can be used to version control: SSRS, SSIS and Stored Procedures

In the past, we used TFS to control C#. Can TFS or the new version of TFS be used for the above items? Or is there a better tool?


It does not matter.
Gitlab github svn can etc

One can and usually do use Visual Studio to develop and maintain SSRS and SSIS projects (Business Intelligence and Integration Services project templates, respectively). They all integrate very well with TFS just like C# development with Visual Studio integrates well with TFS.

There are some quirks though. While the latest version(s) of Visual Studio will work for C# projects, the same is not true for SSRS and SSIS projects. For example, SSIS 2016 needs Visual Studio Data Tools 2015. You can find compatibility list if you search the web. For example, here. So, if you are routinely using VS 2019 for your C# development, you will also need to install VS 2015 shell side by side and install Data Tools for VS 2015. You can install multiple versions of Visual Studio shell on the same box; nonetheless having to maintain multiple versions is indeed a pain.

You can use the latest VS to develop SSRS and SSIS for prior versions - as far back as 2012 I believe. In fact - I would recommend using a later version for developing and deploying SSIS packages as you can utilize a higher version of .NET within your packages. This allows for things like un-zipping files on a 2012 SSIS package using C#/VB.NET code.