Utility recommendation for Teradata Studio 16.20

Greetings, current using Teradata Studio 16.20. Wonder if there are utility that helps to improve coding. The build-in syntax check is okay at best. See a lot of videos that use MS SQL Server Mgmt Studio, seems to have a few more tools to ensure typos and parameters match during coding.

Appreciate any suggestions. I am using Notepad++ templates from time to time, but have mainly transitioned from Query Assistant to Teradata Studio.



hope this link helps :slight_smile:

Just to confirm - you are using Teradata Studio 16.20 to connect to SQL Server? If so - is that because you also connect to Teradata and want to use a single environment?

If that is the case - there are other options...you could use DBeaver instead. Or - you can look at SQL Assistant as an option to replace the built-in intellisense (http://www.softtreetech.com/sqlassist/index.htm)

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You're correct Jeffw8713. Most people use SQL Assistant as a default. I installed Teradata Studio for better script management and result files. But, in terms of coding itself, MS has much better. Are there open source out there like Notepad++, but with SQL syntax and spelling build-in?


In NotePad ++ or any other Applications

you can install ADD-INS that will do
..... SQL syntax and spelling build-in? ....

Please google search
Something is sure to COME UP ..

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you have visual studio you could the following visual studio code plugin


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The link I provided is to a third-party utility that is available for multiple development environments - including Notepad++. It works in SSMS, Teradata Studio, Toad, and others...

I recommend you take a look at the utility - it can probably do everything you are looking for...and probably much more.