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Someone help me before this pc goes through the window :disappointed:

falls over with

I've mixed and matched brackets just about everywhere to no avail. Any pointers appreciated.


Your first argument to SUBSTRING is an INT. You can't use an INT at that point, it needs to be a string.

If you are trying to get the left-most 10 digits from very large numbers this is probably not the best way to do it ... but maybe you were trying to do something different - like take the leftmost 10 CHARACTERS (which might happen to be numeric digits) from a long string?


20130502_427.28_A_CREATE is a typical example of the data. I know that the first 9 characters are superfluous as are the last 9 so I'm just trying to extract the middle (in this case) 6 although the number is variable.


I moved the parenthesis for the LEN SELECT @vx = SUBSTRING (CAST (MinType AS INT), 10, LEN (MinType) - 18) FROM [dbo].[usethistable] WHERE ID = @uid

	SELECT [MyColumn] = '20130502_427.28_A_CREATE'
	UNION ALL SELECT '123456789XaaaaaY987654321'
SELECT	SUBSTRING(MyColumn, 10, LEN(MyColumn)-18)


Nicely spotted - pretty poor syntax on my part to begin with :flushed: