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Using Debugger Requires Sysadmin role?


Hi experts,

This is SQL Server 2014
A developer attempted to start the Debugger tool and he got this error:

EXECUTE permission was denied on object 'sp_enable_sql_debug', database 'master'.
Even after I granted execute permissions, he still gets this error.

In reading about it, apparently to use the Debugger you must be a member of the sysadmin role.

Is there no other way? A developer needs to be able to run the debugger so why is such a high level of permissions required?
Thanks for any info.




From what I have read, you are out of luck. The use of debug requires elevated permissions. The posts I have read about this all indicate that you have to be a member of the sysadmin role to use that.

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Thanks James. That's what I read as well. It seems unreasonable to have to grant a developer the sysadmin role. Just wonder what Microsoft's reasoning is for that requirement.