Using csv to select data from sql table

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I have a csv file with a column ("baseid" that relates to a column in an sql table.
How can I use the values of each record in the .csv to run a select statement on the sql table.

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You can copy paste the CSV column
Into tsql ..

Using temp table

Create table #tempfromcsv
Columnfromcsv int

Insert into #tempfromcsv select 1345
Insert into #tempfromcsv select 6666

You can directly create a separate table with

You can copy paste from CSV column into this SQL table column from ssms
SQL server management studio...

Is this a one time thing only or will this be a continuous process?

If it's a one-time thing, you could use OpenRowset to open it as a 'table' or maybe even import it to a temp table, then use as needed. I wouldn't put this into a production environment