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Using Case statement in SSRS to display the data as per our wish


In my SSRS report, I have a column that needs the data to be updated using a CASE / IIF / SWITCH statement expression.

Also, the data has been colored coded. So I want both the expressions to satisfy and give the output.

I used this, but not sure, if this is right....

	Fields!ActivityDesc.Value = "EptSentDtTm" and Fields!ActivityDesc.Value = "RED", "OverDue","NULL"

Can anyone help me out here.
Its just like using a case statement in SQL, but I am not sure, as to how implement this directly in SSRS report itself.
Can we also chose the font color. If Red then blue......

Ex: If the value = "Sky" and value_color = "Black", "Sky Blue", "White"

Appreciate any help on this.


Does it work?


I didn't test it, but wanted to. My question was, I want to implement a case statement in the column, but don't know where to include this logic?
I already have a "IIF" statement to change the color of the data.

Can you or anyone let me know as to where in the Properties window should I include the above case statement (Or IIF statement).


OIC -- use an Expression for that. Also, the Switch expression matches the SQL CASE expression


I implemented it in the "Tablix Properties" window under the Visibility - Show or hide based on an expression. Getting this error

" The hidden expression used in the tablix returned a data type that is not valid"


OK -- so where have you put the expression? The error message indicates that SSRS expects a datatype other than string.


In the Visibility section --- "Show or hide on an expression" , of the Tablix Properties window.


Needs to return a boolean value: True or False


Didn't quite get you? Am I using the expression in the correct place? Or is there any other place that I have to use this Expression?


Your expression is returning "OverDue","NULL", but it should return True or False. OTOH perhaps you have put the expression in the wrong place.


The expression say's; (that I am using is)
If the value is "A" AND "RED", then change it to "B", else "Null"

Where do you think should I use it, so that when I Preview the report, it should display the data as per my expression.