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User Id creation Scenario for a secure project


Dear team,

i have received a schema for analysis,

i was unable to get how they implemented the database.

below is the attached schema diagram FYI..

Sample data
UserCode : Narender
Passwor : NARE12
Dsiplay Name : Narender Reddy.


GUIDs bad idea, in terms of size and performance, unless they truly need to be unique across multiple, unconnected, servers - even then I might use GUID for unique identification, and IDENTITY for local IDs (and use the IDs as the main key, and just use the GUIDs when I need to SYNC data from one of the other servers)

UserCode, UserDisplayName and UserPassword all NEED to be 254 CHARs? and NChar at that? (granted, if it includes countries with Chinese characters and the like [i.e. more than just European regional accents] then that would be needed - only needed if the output side is going to support display of such characters)


I'm not sure what your question is so if I'm wildly out of scope feel free to ignore this.
It looks like there are two tables; MFXUSER and CPRESOURCE. A User can have one or more resources. Each resource can have sub-resources. As an example a User might have a Printer as a Resource and the Printer might have Paper and Toner as Resources.


Hi Kristen,

U seems to advanced level developer.
Need some scenario based tasks to practice and shine my skills.

Do needful.


SQL Education is not something I'm familiar with, sorry.

I have a lot of respect for www.BrentOzar.com, and I expect there is plenty of training information there.

Reading the forums is good to - see if you can answer a question - the "answers" will all be provided in each thread :slight_smile: