User creation with DB Owner

We have created Data warehouse server and planning to create Databases, Schema and users.
If i create any Database that will go under my name but i would like to create Any database under specific user so how can i do it?
Should i create sql server user/login or create AD login and create user under then create the Database so it will show as Database under that user not under my name?
What's the best practice?

I have to create also Schema for Data warehouse databases so any useful additional information will greatly helpful.

I'm not completely sure I understand your question but I think this answer is close.

I always have my databases owned by "sa". That makes everything less dependent on individual logins. If users need individual permissions, I grant those explicitly. I prefer to use AD groups and grant permissions at that level.


Thanks but we are using 'sa'.
Actually, we have created windows group and i am part of that windows group called "AD/DEV"
I am login to SSMS using my windows authentication so when i create the DB it's shows as owner as AD/SUser but we don't want it should so DB owner as individual person AD login because if person leaves then when i query the DB owner list, it will show NULL as DB Owner and we wanted to centralize only one DB owner.
What's the best way to handle this one?
I know we can use ALTER AUTHORIZATION but i'm trying to avoid it every time to Alter it.

Books Online has following quote:

Each database has an owner that can perform special activities in the database. The owner is the user that creates the database. The database owner can be changed by using sp_changedbowner.

I don't think you're going to get away from changing the owner.

Thanks Graz.