Use table from another instance

Hi,I have two SQL 2016 Enterprize instances, payroll and PP (Production planning); currently, I have an employee(Demographic) table in both instance databases, and now data is loaded in both instances' tables. I want to remove the employee table from PP and utilize the table from the payroll.

1)I decided to create the view in PP from SOARS using a linked server, which will slow the read options. Can I implement an external table using a polybase(Getexternal) data?

  1. Move the Payroll and the PP databases in one instance so that If I create a view employee in PP for the Payroll table employee, it will also allow me to read and write.

If I move, my SQL Server instance needs to hold two databases, each having 1TB of data. Is that okay to have two databases, each with 1 TB of data?

  1. If Azure or AWS support built-in functionality to share tables across two databases, that is also fine.

If somebody has already implemented or has an efficient way, please advise.