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Use case for using 'Name and Extension', 'Full Qualified' and 'Name Only' options in foreach file enumerator in ssis

Hello There,

I am trying to find the use case scenario for when to use

  1. Name and Extension
  2. Fully Qualified
  3. Name Only

while importing flat-file type files from source in SSIS.

Would anyone help me understand the use case scenario for each of the 'retrieve file name' type.

Thank you for giving your valuable time!

It all depends on how you setup the process - but some use cases:

  1. Name and Extension - when you need to move the files from a source location to a destination location, you can setup variables/parameters to define the locations and get just the name and extension and use those in combination with the variable/parameter to define the fully qualified name.

  2. Fully Qualified - when you don't need to move or copy the files and just need to pass the value as is.

  3. Name Only - when you need to transform from one file type to another, for example - from Excel to CSV.

There are many other use cases - so it really depends on what that package is doing with the files and how you are building the package.