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Use BCP command

I have an old application installed at a client
I export a table in text format by the BCP statement
It worked well on an XP machine

On windows 7 machine does not work anymore

what do I have to do

Knowing that I use the sql 2005 version

The program is installed at a client and can not change the version of SQL

thank you

Would be helpful to see the details - the BCP statement you are using, the error message you are getting etc.


The contents of the order:

BCP BSIGRH.dbo.ZVirementBIAT out BIAT.txt /r\n /SMyServer /UMyuser /PMyPassWord


SQLState: 07S01 Nativeerror : 160
Error:Invalid use of default parameter

BCP BSIGRH.dbo.ZVirementBIAT out -oBIAT.txt -r\n -SMyServer -UMyuser -PMyPassWord