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USA Holiday


Just thought I would say thank you to all who contribute here.

Here in the USA we have a holiday tomorrow for giving thanks for what we have. So I thought I would thank you all for the information I have obtained here.

See you Monday (unless I get on from home then sooner).



Happy Thanksgiving!


What a nice thing to do. I totally agree. I am very thankful for the people who contribute to this site. I even like some of the "extra grumpy" posters who are always good for a laugh. Happy Thanksgiving!


James that hurts!! :smile: I know I am grumpy sometimes, but the intentions are good :wink:

Happy Turkey Day to all of you as well.


Happy ThanksGiving !!


Happy thanks giving!!!! although I'm not in US :wink:


Merry Turkeyday! Except I'll be eating ham. I'm the odd person that's allergic to turkey. So Thanksgiving is always interesting.


Heh... Happy Bird Day, everyone.