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Urgent SSIS Help/ Losing Data


Hi Guys,

I am having a strange issue in my simple SSIS Package.
1st Step:- From Reading three different Excel File (All three excel has different Layout) and going to same destination staging table
2nd Step:- Source SQL (Staging Table) To Flat File Source
Here I am SQL Source
Select Field1,Field2,Field3 from Excel_Source1
union all
Select Field1,Field2,Field3 from Excel_Source2
union all
Select Field1,Field2,Field3 from Excel_Source1

Here is my Question and Problem:- Until Step 1st Count looks good and data looks good. On the 2nd step, sometimes numbers are off 10 or 5 or 4. However when I check on
Preview on 2nd Step Number Looks good but Number are missing when Package runs. I am not using only one transformation "Data Conversion" and I am not Ignoring any

Please advise I am SO confused and scared because this package will run on Production every 5 Minutes and We can't afford to loose any data from a raw file.

Sometimes it is working fine and sometimes don't.

Please advise. Thanks in advance.


I would inspect the file for the ones where it "loses" data. I would suspect that there's an EOF character where it shouldn't be, or something similar. Use a hex editor to inspect the file.