Upgrading SQL 2008 Enterprise to 2012 Standard

Hi All - We currently operate on SQL 2008 Enterprise with about 150 GB of tables spread between several databases.
We recently inherited a bunch of scripts/procedures from a vendor that have commands that are only compatible on 2012 and later editions.

This leaves us with no other choice, but to upgrade the version. We already have license for 2012 standard, however (as most of you know), it won't let you go from 2008 Enterprise > 2012 Standard.

Is there a way to do this without it being messy or requiring to do a clean format?
Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated.


Create a new system with SQL Server 2012 - then backup the databases on 2008 and restore them to the 2012 system. You also need to make sure you copy logins, agent jobs, etc...

Backup /restore is your best bet. However, from Enterprise to Standard, is that still an upgrade :slight_smile:

One more thing to look out for is that if any of the Enterprise features you currently using in SQL 2008, if so, are they already make their way to SQL 2012 Standard. If not, you might need to re-visit those function/feature and ensure they work in SQL 2012 Standard.

Hope this helps.